Acrylic jewellery: The Seagull

The Seagull

A ceaseless rover, waif of many climes, 
He scorns the tempest, greets the lifting sun 
With wings that fling the light and sinks at times 
To ride in triumph where the tall waves run. 

The rocks tide-worn, the high cliff brown and bare 
And crags of bleak, strange shores he rests upon; 
He floats above, a moment hangs in air 
Clean-etched against the broad, gold breast of dawn. 

Bold hunter of the deep! Of thy swift flights 
What of them all brings keenest joy to thee— 
To drive sharp pinions through storm-beaten nights, 
Or shriek amid black hollows of the sea? 

Herbert Bashford

So finally I am uploading some of my work! The jewellery featured is laser cut from 3mm black acrylic. I used various techniques to achieve the patterning… Let me know what you think!

I am prototyping at the moment and will have these for sale on-line very shortly!

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Copyright All rights reserved Jennifer Sheehan

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Electroluminescent Strip: What is it good for?

This stuff is amazing! We recently used it for some architectural model lighting. And you can laser cut it… All you architects, interior and product designers take note!

Check out the site here.

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Design your own website

This is an introduction post to help motivate those of us who are putting off setting up a website! Why not try over the Christmas period? Not that you will be busy…

I am not a web developer but I created my own website – you can too! I have given a brief breakdown of how to design one below.

1) Site function.

Decide what your site is going to do. Is it a showcase of your work? An on-line store?

When you know the sites function you can decide the layout. Think of a family tree with HOME at the top. Where will you need to go from there?

I’ll use an on-line portfolio as an example:

From your HOME page you will need to go to PORTFOLIO, CONTACT ME, LINKS pages.

From your PORTFOLIO page you will want to go to subcategories such as METAL WORK, GLASS, CERAMICS etc.

From METAL WORK, GLASS, CERAMICS you will want to see images of your work.

From CONTACT ME you want people to be able to email or call you.

From your LINKS page you can link to external sites such as Facebook, Twitter, your blog or LinkedIn.

Finally from your PORTFOLIO, CONTACT ME, LINKS pages it is always a good idea to have an option to go back to the HOME page.

I hope this makes sense. If it doesn’t, I can upload a quick diagram – let me know!

2) Content.

The hardest and most time-consuming thing is to get your content ready ie. your images, videos, articles. I’m afraid I can’t help with this!!!

Image size is really important. Your images do not need to be huge and the bigger the size the slower they load. Use an editing software to resize and compress a copy of your images. 100KB should be the absolute maximum used for the web!

Most PC or MAC computers will have basic editing software but you can always look on-line:

A lot of web design packages want to link to your video files from another on-line source. I uploaded animations to YouTube and linked to them from there.

3) Pick a name.

This took me quite a while. When I started out I just used my name – it meant I got going and didn’t procrastinate! You can change your URL later if you want.

If you brainstorm ideas, check on google to see if they’re already taken. You will quickly pick up key words that are commonly used.

I even used a URL generator site to help get the ideas flowing:

4) Design your site.

There are loads of web generating sites out there so have a look! For my portfolio I used but there are others such as:

You can also buy a ‘website in a box’ which might be a better option. I will more than likely do this for my on-line shop:

Blog sites are also great for displaying you work. These are generally free so it’s a good place to start!

5) Buy your domain.

There are so many places you can do this. Sometimes you will be able to do this through the web design package you have used. There will be step by step instructions about how to ‘point ‘ your website to your URL. I had already bought my URL else where but could have used the site. Ask around for advice because prices vary!

Et voila!

You have your site! I was a complete beginner when I started so don’t give up – it will take a little bit (maybe a lot) of patience! Let me know how you get on!

Any external links I have mentioned in this post are for information purposes only. Please have a look around and see what would suit your needs best.

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Pantone presents. And not a mug in sight.

Sitting comfortably?

Digital leather pantone chair

Everyone loves a bit of Pantone right? I am scouring the internet for what I like to call “beautiful but pointless” presents. There are only so many pairs of socks you can buy… Or if you value your friendships, so many pairs you never buy.

I would link to the official Pantone site if it wasn’t quite as annoying as it is. The UK site has no accessories to speak of and the US site is pretty limited. And Pantone Universe? A homepage where you can sign up for updates. Someone else might have more luck or patience.

So google it is… All photos are linked to original sites. I was genuinely amazed at what is out there. I will let the photos speak for themselves…

Pantone xmas ball

Pantone postcards

Pantone pencil etPantone notebook set

Pantone markers

Pantone wallstore

Pantone tins

Pantone chair 1960

Pantone folding chair

Pantone stool

Henry Hollard pantone collection

Pantone tie

Pantone cufflinks

Pantone socks

SeaVees pantone plimsoll

Pantone mens t shorts

Pantone candles

Pantone shopper bag

Pantone messanger

Typhoon pantone mill

Ignacio Pilotto rubix cube

Pantone universe eyewear display

Pantone toothbrush

Pantone Swatch watch

Tian Harlan Chromachron Quartz Wall Clock

James Beattie's pantime

Pantone clock

pantone bicycle

Abici Pantone

There is even a Pantone hotel. And to think people were worried about Google taking over the world…

If you would like to search a bit more check out There are a lot of products that are not readily available this side of the pond.

When someone comes up with Pantone in a spray can let me know!

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Clever products: Aquatina

I usually have a bottle of Evian or Volvic in my bag; and I generally use the same bottle several time – doing my bit for Mother Nature. The irritating thing about it is carrying around an empty bottle after I have finished.

That is what makes these little beauties so useful. They just don’t take up any room in your bag. I acquired one through an on-line competition with the Business and IP Centre on Facebook so I am drinking out of one of these as I type.

They retail for around £4 which might seem a bit expensive for a plastic bottle. If you think about the cost of a bottle of water when you’re out and about, and how many times you end up buying one it makes sense. Roughly 38 billion water bottles are produced each year. Where do they end up? Landfill.

The Aquatina is dishwasher safe and say they will last and last, although I haven’t had mine long enough to agree! I would suggest you wash out the bottle before you start using it as it did have a plastic smell when I first opened it. As for liquid freshness? Not a problem. No tainting.

So for the convenience factor, and doing your bit to stop buying bottled water, I would definitely recommend!

Find out more at Aquatina.

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Bermondsey Square, London

On to more modelmaking! This is a scheme I made countless times at various scales and materials. It is a really good example to show how design can progress and change. I have included three for your viewing pleasure; these were made over the course of a year as the design developed. I will try to find some images of the scheme at different scales so you can compare the level of detail.

As you can see, quite a lot changed in the design in terms of storey height and materiality. The 1:50 models were made by hand using acrylics, styrene, card and general mixed media.

Construction on site is well on its way with an expected completion date in Spring 2011. It is always exciting to have something you made come into reality so I will definitely be taking a visit to the site once it is completed. To find out more about the project, visit Urban Salon’s site.

Copyright All rights reserved. Jennifer Sheehan

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The Roundwood Centre

Another visual project for you. I will post some more of my physical work next I promise! This was modelled in 3D Studio Max using Final Render and post work was done in Photoshop.

Copyright All rights reserved. Jennifer Sheehan

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